Research Opportunity

Posted about 1 year ago by Robin Arends

The utilization of mobile technology in healthcare continues to be on the rise, especially mental health mobile applications. Mental health mobile applications are being developed at a significant rate, but significant gaps in research remain and this technological tool is currently being underutilized. You’re invited to participate in a mixed-methods study about mental health mobile applications. Participation includes an education session about mental health mobile applications and a web-based survey. The research study is being conducted to identify preferences and barriers regarding the use of mental health mobile applications for the management of mental health disorders. Participation should take less than 30 minutes.


You are eligible to participate in this research study if:

-You are an Advance Practice Provider

-Hold an active license

-Work in a setting that treats patients with a mental health disorder


You are NOT eligible to participate if:

-You are within your first year of clinical practice

-Do not care for patients with mental health disorders


Please complete the survey by clicking the following link: