Nurse Practitioner Association of South Dakota

The Nurse Practitioner Association of South Dakota uses ENP Network to connect with their members and followers.

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Benefits of Membership

What NPASD can do for you:

  • Ready Referral Databank lists all NPASD members
  • Provide a communication network for Nurse Practitioners
  • Serve as an advocate of Legislative Action benefiting Nurse Practitioners
  • Serve as your voice in issues of concern to Nurse Practitioners such as certification, liability insurance, third party reimbursement, and rural health
  • Represent you in state health forums
  • Serve as a resource for practice, research legislative and marketing assistance to grass roots and state organizations and individuals
  • Conduct surveys and gather information for use in documenting and furthering the identity and continuity of Nurse Practitioners in the promotion of high standards of health care throughout the state
  • Provide continuing education, CEUs and information concerning other regional and national conferences

Your Membership to NPASD Includes:

  • Referral Directory Membership
  • Representation in the National NP Organizations, Ie. AANP
  • Newsletters
  • Consultation and guidance concerning practice and legislative issues
  • Employment advertising for Nurse Practitioners
  • Timely information regarding National and State legislative issues
  • Legislative voice for National and State issues
  • Representation in the State Nurses Organization