Research Opportunity

Posted over 1 year ago by Robin Arends

We are Family Nurse Practitioner graduate students at Mount Marty University and are requesting to use your list serve to disperse a voluntary survey for our graduate research project. Our proposed research intends to assess and compare burnout in providers practicing in rural and urban healthcare.

Our proposed study comprises of a research online survey. Participant is completely voluntary, and participants may withdraw at any time. Responses are anonymous, with no personal health information attached. We feel burnout is an area that can easily be improved to help ensure quality patient care and professional job satisfaction. We hope to be able to conduct the study starting October 2021, ending with a poster presentation in December 2021 at school. Results from our study will allow us to see the degree of burnout being experienced and what areas seem to be affected. Results would be shared with your organization. Our IRB expedited review is also currently under review with our school. Our study will be under the direction of Heather Swanson, DNP and Michelle Van Wyhe, DNP.

Thank you for considering,
Jennifer Yoon, Lindsay Symens, Kayla Hatten, Mary Arntz

Link to the survey: