SB 61 Heads to the House!

Posted almost 3 years ago by Robin Arends

DATE:  JANUARY 27, 2017

STATUS:  SB61 PASSED out of the full Senate with unanimous support (35-0) on Thursday, January 26th!  Thanks for all your hard work!  It now moves to the House of Representatives for action.  We plan that SB61 will be heard in the House Health & Human Services Committee on Tuesday, February 7th.  The SD State Medical Association has activated its membership making claims about independent practice and implying a reduced standard of care.  We need your help in contacting representatives to give them accurate information and to ask them to Support SB 61.


  • Contact House HHS Committee members and your local Representatives now to ask for their support of SB61 to remove barriers to practice for CNPs and CNMs and improve access to health services, especially for rural areas and underserved populations. Thank the bill sponsors.

Send feedback or questions received to:

HHS Committee members:     (*) Denotes Bill Sponsor

Campbell, Blaine "Chip" *

Clark, Michael  *

Conzet, Kristin

DiSanto, Lynne

Haugaard, Steven

Heinemann, Leslie *, Vice Chair

Holmes, Thomas *

McCleerey, Steven

McPherson, Sean *

Rounds, Tim

Soli, Karen *

Steinhauer, Wayne  *, Chair

York, Nancy


  • Send a thank you to Senators for their unanimous support of SB61. (see links to Senators below)


  • SB61 is brought on behalf of the SD Coalition for Advanced Practice Nurses, a broad coalition of nursing organizations in South Dakota.
  • The legislation will modernize SD’s Nurse Practice Act for the regulation of Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNP) and Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) and will align it with national standards.  These laws haven’t had significant updates since 1979.
  • The legislation removes the collaborative agreement as a condition of licensure for CNPs and CNMs to practice in SD and aligns SD with its neighboring states which have no such contractual requirement for licensure.
  • The legislation removes a significant barrier to the recruitment and retention of CNPs and CNMs to teach and practice in SD in order to meet the increased demand for our primary care workforce, especially in rural areas.
  • Collaboration remains an integral part of the CNP/CNM scope of practice and SB61 does not change that.  NO ONE PRACTICES INDEPENDENTLY.
  • The legislation does NOT expand the scope of practice for CNPs or CNMs.
  • SB61 has broad statewide support from the entire nursing community, healthcare and community organizations.


  • Contact your lawmakers. Write a letter or email, see links to House of Representatives below, or make a phone call, attend a crackerbarrel/townhall meeting, invite them to your local meeting or for coffee.
  • Be a local spokesperson to do an interview with the local media.
  • Help identify and get support from other organizations and individuals.
  • Communicate your story and what you learn from conversations back to the coalition at:


  • If you don’t know your legislator, you can find it by putting in your address at:
  • Address your letter or email to:  Senator ____ or Representative _______. 
  • Reference bill number in the opening of your communication, e.g.SB61 – Advanced Practice Nurse Legislation
  • Your communication should include:
    • Your name and legislative district.  Lawmakers like to know when they are hearing from their constituents.
    • A personal message. Focus on the talking points in your own words. For example, describe who you are, where you practice, why this bill is important to you and your practice, situations you’ve encountered with recruitment or retention or patients’ access to care and how bill would help.  Stories are effective!
    • Ask them for their support of SB61!

Below are links to House Health & Human Services Committee members & All House of Representatives

(*) Denotes Bill Sponsor


Ahlers, Dan

Anderson, David L

Bartels, Hugh M

Bartling, Julie  *

Beal, Arch

Bordeaux, Shawn

Brunner, Thomas J

Campbell, Blaine "Chip"   *

Carson, Lance

Chase, Roger D

Clark, Michael  *

Conzet, Kristin A

Dennert, Drew

DiSanto, Lynne

Duvall, Mary

Frye-Mueller, Julie

Glanzer, Bob

Goodwin, Tim

Gosch, Spencer

Greenfield, Lana

Haggar, Don  *

Haugaard, Steven G

Hawley, Spencer  *

Heinemann, Leslie J  *

Holmes, Thomas R  *

Howard, Taffy

Hunhoff, Jean M  ** LEAD / Bill Sponsor

Jamison, Greg

Jensen, Kevin D

Johns, Timothy R  *

Johnson, David

Kaiser, Dan

Karr, Chris

Kettwig, Jason W

Lake, John A

Latterell, Isaac

Lesmeister, Oren L

Livermont, Steve

Lust, David

Marty, Sam

May, Elizabeth

McCleerey, Steven D

McPherson, Sean *

Mickelson, G. Mark

Mills, John

Otten, Herman

Peterson, Kent *

Peterson, Sue *

Pischke, Tom

Qualm, Lee *

Rasmussen, Nancy *

Reed, Tim 

Rhoden, Larry *

Ring, Ray

Rounds, Tim

Rozum, Tona *

Schaefer, James

Schoenfish, Kyle *

Smith, Jamie

Soli, Karen *

Steinhauer, Wayne H  *

Stevens, Mike

Tieszen, Craig *

Tulson, Burt

Turbiville, Charles M

Willadsen, Mark

Wismer, Susan

York, Nancy

Zikmund, Larry P



Below are links to Senators to send them a thank-you for their support.


Senate Members

Bolin, Jim 
Cammack, Gary L
Cronin, Justin R
Curd, R. Blake 
Ewing, Bob 
Frerichs, Jason E
Greenfield, Brock L *
Haverly, Terri 
Heinert, Troy 
Jensen, Phil   *
Kennedy, Craig 
Killer, Kevin 
Klumb, Joshua   *
Kolbeck, Jack 
Langer, Kris 
Maher, Ryan 
Monroe, Jeff 
Nelson, Stace 
Nesiba, Reynold F
Netherton, Jenna 
Novstrup, Al 
Otten, Ernie 
Partridge, Jeffrey D
Peters, Deb 
Rusch, Arthur L  *
Russell, Lance S
Soholt, Deb   *
Solano, Alan 
Stalzer, Jim 
Sutton, Billie H
Tapio, Neal   *
Tidemann, Larry 
White, Jim 
Wiik, John 
Youngberg, Jordan