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CardioVisual is a free, cardiologist-created mobile app (iPhone, iPad and Android) that provides clear understanding of complex heart conditions, treatments and procedures via high-quality, commercial-free videos. Doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses use the app in their practice and hospitals to facilitate patient communication, and then send patients home with a patient version of the app for further study.

CardioVisual offers several advantages: 

  • Better understanding and clarity of information for patients
  • Simplified discussion of complex cardiac problems
  • Enormous time savings 
  • Educational resource for trainees
  • Improved quality of care and satisfaction for patients
  • Ease of use — instant access on any mobile device that can be used anywhere
  • Consistent patient messaging — they can revisit the same information at home 

Learn more about CardioVisual here. 

Download CardioVisual for iPhone here or CardioVisual for Android here. 

Nurse Practitioners all over the world are using CardioVisual daily to help explain cardiovascular problems and treatments to their patients.